Return of the Swallow 500 Chapterversary ART CONTEST!

Fellow barbarians, we are closing in on the midway point of ROS! Let. us. celebrate with ROS’ first major event: art contest!

There will be a scene and a character category in which people are free to draw any of their favorite scenes and characters. Perhaps it’s when Pang Xiao first stole over the roof to peek on Qin Yining, or when the trampress got what she deserved. Maybe you’re a fan of best dad Qin Huaiyuan, or you think there’s some redeeming factors in Qin Huining. Whatever it is, show off your talents to the world and make ROS come to life!

Submissions are open here and prizes will be given for the first, second, and third places decided by moi and others, as well as a community fan favorite through voting. First place wins $100, second wins $75, third wins $50, and community vote wins $25.

I’m really excited to see what everyone comes up with! Happy birthday ROS! <<novel link here.


PS. Why am I calling 500 chapters the midway point? Because etvo wanted to make a play on $500 for 500, submissions opening from 7/7, voting on 8/8, and event ending on 9/9! XD