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etvolare is an eccentric fantasy and xianxia bookworm as well as a practical romanticist. Frequently called “etvo” by the online community or some variation of ‘fluff’, she currently resides in Taiwan.

Her translation handle actually started off as a League of Legends IGN, being ancient Latin for “and fly”. The name stuck with her as she’s always loved soaring through good stories.

etvo hails from the east coast of the United States, but grew up in Taiwan. She used to work in finance/banking and holds a MBA and CPA.

Back in 2015, she transmigrated to ancient China and dominated the cultivation world — er, she used to dabble in working with translation agencies before making novels her full-time job. Favorite authors include Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Tamora Pierce, Brian Jacques, Diane Duane, and Garth Nix.

Always on the lookout for the next song to add to her translation playlist, etvo can be frequently found in coffee shops or guzzling copious amounts of bubble tea next to a window. 

Please click here for a full listing of her translation works.

Aside from translating, etvo is also deeply involved in the scene. Having founded volare, she is currently involved with Moonquill.

What are Chinese web novels? | 何謂英文網文?

Welcome to the world of Chinese web novels, I’m etvolare, the translator whose site you’ve stumbled on. Please keep reading for a quick overview of web novels, and then scroll back to the top for more about me and my works!

Chinese web novels are serialized web fiction that have been the literature du jour in China for the past couple of decades. In the absence of a robust publishing industry, web fiction that updates thrice daily (on average) in 2,000 – 3,000 character increments are the reading material of choice.

Popular web novels are often adapted for the big screen or made into addicting dramas. They have been the driving force behind billion-view blockbuster Asian dramas in recent years, such as Princess Agents, Nirvana in Fire, Martial Universe, and many more.

Due to authors being paid by word count, most of these novels are behemoths to tackle. Final wordcount of 7M characters is a very common and standard statistic. Unfortunately, quite a bit of filler and word padding takes place as well.

The translation scene to bring these novels to English readers sprang up in ~2015, with fan, part time, and full time translators pitching in to share these amazing experiences with the world. Top web novel platforms register ~3M hits a day, with etvo reaching a personal high of 7M a month on March 2019. 

For more about the translation scene, please check out ‘So You Want To Be a Web Novel Translator‘.

The largest platforms include Wuxiaworld, volare novels, and directory Novel Updates. Roughly 30% of traffic stems from North America, 25% from Southeast Asia, and 15% from Europe. (Numbers as of mid 2019).

Dive into one today, for free! Check out Sovereign of the Three Realms for martial arts and fantasy, and Return of the Swallow à la Chinese palace romance and period drama.



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etvo founded volare novels in Dec. 2015 and stepped down in Dec. 2018. Under her management, the site reached highs of 15M pageviews a month and formed partnerships with 17K, Zongheng, iReader, and others.

I work with Yuuko for most of my graphics! If you love the art found around the site, please consider supporting her!

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