[SPOILERS] Necropolis Immortal Updated Cultivation System

There are some SERIOUS SPOILERS in this infographic.

Remember, the cultivation path was severed after the great immortal war. If you have not read past the 200s, please do not proceed further. Instead, click here for the cultivation system as it is.

There are some INSANE SPOILERS in the infographic ahead.

If you have not already read to the 200s, please do not look at this infographic. Don’t do yourself this disservice and spoil a major point of enjoyment for yourself.

Please do not share this graphic either, don’t spoil this for others.

Third time’s the charm, there are spoilers spoilers spoilers ahead. This infographic is to enhance reading enjoyment of NECRO. I will delete it if it turns out to be detrimental instead.

The Cultivation System of the Great Wilderness