It’s a spooky NECROversary!! Win an Oculus Quest, latest Pokemon for Switch, or cash equivalent!

Post-apocalyptic xianxia Necropolis Immortal has exceeded one thousand chapters!

In grand fashion (or the usual etvolare party), I’m delighted to host a writing contest with Moonquill!

To win either an Oculus Quest (VR set), Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, a series of light novels (Lord of Goblins, World Without God), or have your story professionally narrated, please write a short story related to NECRO. Additionally, I’ll be sending the winners one of my Astral White Tiger pins!

Maybe someone will finally tell the story of that bean soldier being the scapegoat of 36 tribulations, or might we have the legends of the Flying Head Sect? Or the files of Feinie’s therapist, AKA the girl who can’t stop blowing herself up.

Whatever you decide on, it has to be faithful to the NECRO universe, e.g. the fox goddess that everyone yeets can’t suddenly be a bear, or the MC is from Saturn.

Bonus: Make it horror themed to place your entry in Moonquill’s writing prompt for a shot at two prize pools! Moonquill also has a general horror prompt, winners will have their story professionally narrated and receive copies of their published works!

Submit your work and find more details here. Submission deadline is Halloween (10/31)!

About the series: Post-apocalyptic Chinese fantasy reigns in Necropolis Immortal! The world, civilization, and cultivation is in tatters while many hands pull many different strings from the shadows. History, the cultivation system, and the kingdom is a mess — and that’s exactly what the enemies want. Everyone seems to have a different understanding of everything in the world, so… best of luck. Overwhelmingly recommended on WW.