300th Chapterversary for Star Gate!

It is with great delight that I announce my latest series, Star Gate, has reached three hundred chapters! To celebrate, I will be mailing postcards from Taiwan to anyone who has written a (proper) review on the novel page! Just send me your address at either @etvolare on Insta or @etvoscribbles@gmail.com!

Traditional martial cultivation and a budding society of arcane abilities clash in modern Silver City. Are the tried and true paths better, or are flashy arts of overwhelming power the new world order?

Li Hao is dragged out of normality by a song and the death of his childhood friend. Thrown into a war between old and new, he must decide which path to walk. Little do others know that the young man with an easy smile is the textbook definition of playing a pig to eat the tiger. It’s not a matter of finding those who hurt him, but how much he’ll make them pay.

What will it be, qi or magic? But why do decisions always have to be black and white? Can’t he mix his own shade of gray?

Hello and welcome! I’m your translator etvolare and I’m so excited to be bringing you Star Gate: Master of Time!

This is a crowd favorite on Qidian as it hit #1 all site when it was updating and never fell out of #2. Given how Qidian is well known for their fantastic library, that says quite a bit about this series!

Written by Eagle Eats Chick, this author is well known for writing gargantuan chapters. For ease of reading, I’ve split his chapters into regular web novel lengths of 3000+ characters. Therefore, our chapter numbers will not match the raws. There are 638 Chinese chapters, we will have roughly two thousand. The chapter titles remain the same as in Chinese.

If you’re new to one of my novels, it’s so very good to meet you! A little about my translation style:

I prefer translating for meaning and context, as opposed to direct and literal translation. My perspective is to make sure the author’s meaning and story is fully conveyed, as opposed to the number of commas or exact paragraph structure. I want to make sure you guys get the same hit of humor/anger/awe/etc in English as there is in the raws. Hence, the English may not be a 1:1 match to the Chinese, but the content and relevance are.

Readers frequently say their vocabulary gets a workout in my novels and well, I gotta say I was the biggest bookworm growing up. You name the fantasy/sci-fi/YA, I’ve probably read it XD. My vocab grew from those times and I tend to dislike repetition (e.g. repeating a treasure’s name 20 times in a chapter). Since SG is a modern setting, I’ll also be mixing in slang and modern idioms alongside uncommon words. (Guiz, I swear those words aren’t uncommon!)

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